Agency Details

Time & Space Media (Pvt) Limited
164-P, Near Gulab Devi Hospital, Gulbergh-3
(92-42) 35918097-28
(92-42) 35918096

Agency has done business with : 564 Client(s)

S.No Client Name
1 360 Solutions
2 A.A. Brothers
3 A.H Traders
4 A.S. Telecom (Pvt.) Limited
5 AA Lubricants (Pvt.) Limited
6 Accufit Plastic Industries (Pvt.) Limited
7 Ad Innovation (Pvt) Ltd
8 Aden Builders & Developers
9 Adventure Communications
10 Afco Steel Industries
11 Afeef Foods (Pvt) Ltd
12 Afil Associates
13 Afson Industries
14 Agha Sons
15 Aghas International (Pvt) Ltd
16 Agriculture Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
17 Ahsan Enterprises
18 Aiman Food and Beverages Co.
19 Ajoka Theatre
20 Al Baraka Apparel
21 Al Ghani Mall
22 Al Hamra Dawakhana (Pvt) Ltd
23 Al Nasar Lab & Diagnostic Centre
24 Al Rahimi Dawakhana
25 Al-Fattah Aluminium Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
26 Al-Hadeed Associates
27 Al-Hira Builders & Developers
28 AL-Razzaq Electrical Industry
29 Al-Shifa Shahi Unani Dawakhana
30 Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital
31 Al-Tamoor Traders
32 Ali Traders
33 Alif Plastic Industry
34 Allama Iqbal Industrial City Faisalabad (FIEDMC)
35 Allama Iqbal Open University (Govt. of Pakistan)
36 Almansoora Education Solutions (Pvt.) Limited
37 Almas Treading Co.
38 Alpha Marketing Network
39 AM Apparels
40 Amafhh Cosmetics
41 Amar Cable Industries (Pvt) Ltd
42 AMB Traders
43 American Audiology Complex
44 American Lyceum (Pvt.) Limited
45 Amir Trading Company
46 Anfaa Health & Beauty
47 Anjum Asif & Co
48 Apna Microfinance Bank Ltd
49 Arbash Ali Builders & Developers
50 Arid Agriculture University (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
51 Aris Cosmetics
52 Artech & Co
53 Ashraf Products
54 Asian Dairies
55 Aspire Progressive Learning (Pvt) Ltd
56 AT Alfa
57 Atlus Room Cooler & Air Conditioner
58 Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation (Aurat Foundation Project by USAID)
59 Awami Awaz Movement Pakistan
60 AYS International
61 Ayub & Qayyum Industries (Pvt) Ltd
62 Azhar Corporation (Pvt) Ltd
63 Azmat Cables Industries
64 B4U Soft (Pvt.) Limited (Suspended Client)
65 Bahauddin Zakariya University (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
66 Base Ten International
67 Benz Industries Ltd
68 Best Buys General Trading LLC
69 Best Pak
70 BH Management System (Private) Ltd
71 Bilwani's Mobiles
72 Black Box Sounds
73 Blue Earth
74 Bodevolution (Aesthetic Clinics & Training)
75 Boericks Laboratories
76 Borjan (Pvt.) Limited
77 Bravo Cookware (Pvt.) Limited
78 Bright Shine
79 Broiler Farmers Association, Punjab
80 Bunnys Limited
81 Buraq Cosmatix
82 Burger Planet
83 Businessmen Hospital Trust
84 Buy Direct
85 Buzkash Restaurant
86 C.C. Factories Wazirabad (Pvt) Ltd
87 CABI South Asia - (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International - South Asia)
88 Cannon Foam Industries (Pvt) Ltd
89 Cannon International
90 Canon Centre
91 Canpack and Company
92 Captain Developers
93 Career Advisory Services (CAS)
94 Casio Metal Industries
95 CCL Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited
96 CEO Clubs Network
97 Ch. Engineering Re Rolling Mills
98 Chai Shai Enterprises
99 Charcoal
100 Chaudhry Feed Mills
101 Chawla Chemicals & Metal Industries (Pvt.) Limited
102 Chepak Homeo Labs
103 Chughtais Lahore Lab (Pvt) Ltd
104 Citi Apparel
105 CITI Developers, Multan
106 Commercial Corp. - Essen Pipes
107 Commissioner / Deputy Commissioner Sahiwal (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
108 Communication & Work Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
109 Communications Research Strategies (Pvt) Ltd (CRS)
110 Comprehensive Group of Schools, Colleges & Hostels
111 Comwave Institute of Sciences & Information Technology
112 Cosmic Maker (B Lite)
113 Cougar Knitwear
114 Creative Electronics & Automation
115 Creative Snack Products
116 Crown Foam Industries
117 Cure Inn Phytoceuticals (Pvt.) Limited
118 Dada Industries
119 Damac Properties Co. LLC
120 Danish Metal Works
121 Dar Ceramics Trading Company
122 Dar-e-Arqam Schools (Pvt) Ltd
123 Darbar Waala Industries (Pvt) Ltd
124 Dashi International
125 Dawn Plastic Industries
126 De' Designfolio
127 Deen Traders
128 Dental Professional
129 DG Health Services - Directorate General of Health Services (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
130 Diamond Impex Corporation
131 Digital Telecom Centre
132 Director General Sports & Youth Affairs Punjab (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
133 Directorate General Anti Corruption Establishment (Govt. of Punjab)
134 Directorate General Public Relations (DGPR - Govt. of Balochistan)
135 Doch Mens
136 Dr. Waris Anwar
137 Dyyan Industries
138 Earthlink Developments LLP
139 East End Exports (Pvt) Ltd
140 ECI (Pvt.) Limited - Empowerment Thru Creative Integration
141 Ekada Corporation
142 Electronic Office Products
143 Elite Estates (Pvt.) Limited
144 Energy Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
145 Environment Protection Agency (EPA/EPD) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
146 EPS Solutions Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
147 Equator
148 Essentials Pakistan
149 Etihad Town (Pvt) Ltd
150 European Perfume Works Co. LLC.
151 Excel Cables (Pvt.) Limited
152 Expo Store
153 Faisal Jewellers
154 Faisal Sanitary Fittings Industries (Pvt) Ltd
155 Famous International
156 Faran Foods Company
157 Farzand Circus
158 Fast Management Cosultants (Pvt) Ltd
159 Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited
160 Ferozsons Laboratories Ltd
161 Filter House
162 Finance Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
163 Fine Star Processing Mills (Pvt) Ltd
164 Flash Network Solutions (Pvt.) Limited
165 Flora Cosmetics
166 Food Bank
167 Food Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
168 Forest & Fisheries Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
169 Fortius Developers (Pvt.) Limited
170 Forvil Cosmetics (Suspended Client)
171 Four Brothers Agri Services Pakistan
172 Four Brothers Biologic Ag Pakistan
173 Friends Corporation
174 Friends of All Pakistan Muslim League
175 Friends of Muttahida Majlis–e–Amal (MMA)
176 Friends of Pakistan Muslim League (N)
177 Friends of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)
178 Functional Fitness (Pvt.) Limited
179 Future Marketing Services
180 Future Products (Pvt) Ltd
181 G.R Metal Industry
182 Garden Town Housing Scheme, Jhelum
183 Gehna Jewellery Trading LLC
184 Genetics Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited
185 Giggly Foods Ltd
186 Glaxo SmithKline Pakistan Ltd (GSK)
187 Global Marketing & Distribution (GDC)
188 Global Marketing International
189 Globe Cosmetics
190 GM Sons
191 Golden Fuji Traders
192 Golden Tyre
193 Goodbye Chemicals Company
194 Gourmet Foods
195 Govt. of Punjab
196 Green Square (Pvt.) Limited
197 Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce
198 Gulab Devi Chest Hospital
199 Gulf Paint Industries (Pvt.) Limited
200 Gulzar Oil Industries
201 Hafiz Food Industries (Private) Ltd
202 Haider Electrical Industry
203 Hair Transplant Institute
204 Haji Yahya Ghulam Ghaus Jewellers
205 Hameed Electric Industry
206 Hamza Bin Raza Food Enterprises
207 Hamza Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd
208 Hayat Auto Commerical Importers
209 Headsail Media Services (Pvt.) Limited
210 Health Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
211 Health Department (Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
212 Herbion Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
213 Higher Education Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
214 Hilal Meat Processing (Pvt) Ltd
215 Himont Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd
216 HKT Mobile Accessories
217 Home Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
218 Hospitality Inn Lahore
219 Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
220 HSJ Steel Industries
221 Humak Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
222 Human Rights & Minorities Affairs Department (Govt. of Punjab)
223 Hyder Builders & Developers
224 I & K Enterprises
225 I.E. Industries
226 Ice Age Industries (Pvt) Ltd
227 Ihsan Sons (Pvt.) Limited
228 Imperial Footwear (Pvt.) Limited
229 Impression Impact (Pvt.) Limited
230 Industries, Commerce & Investment Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
231 Information & Culture Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
232 Information Technology University - ITU (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab) of Punjab
233 Infrastructure Development Authority Punjab (IDAP) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
234 Institute of Architects Pakistan
235 Institute of Leadership and Management
236 International Engineering Co.
237 International Rescue Committee
238 IRD Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
239 Irfan Pharmacy (Pvt) Ltd
240 Islam Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd
241 Islamabad Soap & Chemical Industries
242 Islamabad Tea Company
243 Ismail City
244 Ittefaq Electronics
245 Izram Business Trade
246 Jaan Pak Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited
247 Jaidi Restaurant
248 Jalal Electronics
249 Jamia Anwaare Madina
250 Jazaa Foods (Pvt.) Limited
251 JB Productions
252 JWH & Co (Pvt) Ltd
253 K T & Brothers
254 KASB Funds Ltd
255 Kashif Cosmetics
256 Khawar Electric Industries
257 KHM Traders
258 Khurshid Soap & Chemical Industries (Pvt) Ltd
259 Khyber Chemical (Pvt) Ltd
260 Koh-i-Noor Hi-Tech (Pvt) Ltd
261 Kohistan Construction (Pvt) Ltd
262 KSC Electrical Industries (Pvt) Ltd
263 Labour & Human Resource Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
264 Lahore Development Authority (LDA) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
265 Lahore Grammar School (Pvt) Ltd
266 Lahore Metropolitan Corporation (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
267 Laiba Cosmetics
268 Laps AN Educational System (Pvt) Ltd
269 Lasani Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd
270 Lasani Welfare Foundation
271 Laser Inn Aesthetic
272 Latif Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd
273 Leeds Apparel (Pvt.) Limited
274 Levi Strauss Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
275 Liaquat Medicine Traders
276 Lift Networks (Pvt.) Limited
277 Link International Exchange Company (Pvt.) Limited
278 Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department (Govt. of Punjab)
279 Local Govt. & Community Development Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
280 Lofty Laboratories (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd
281 Lucky Snacks (Pvt.) Limited
282 Lumensoft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
283 M A Food Industries (Pvt) Ltd
284 M. Raza Cosmetics
285 M.A. Polymers
286 Maaher Food Industries (Pvt) Ltd
287 Maaz Dawakhana
288 MAB Builders (Suspended Client)
289 Madina Steel Industry
290 Makro Habib Pakistan Ltd
291 Malik Ghee & Cooking Oil Mills Ltd
292 MAQ Enterprises
293 Marhaba Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd
294 Mari Petroleum Company Limited
295 Marosh
296 Marshal Paint Industry
297 Marvel Hotel
298 Master Ballpoint Pen Industries (Pvt) Ltd (Suspended Client)
299 Master Cloth and Suiting Ltd (Suspended Client)
300 Max-Zealer Cosmatics (Pvt) Ltd
301 Mayet General Trading Co. LLC
302 Medecins Sans Frontieres Belgium
303 Mediations
304 Medtech Trading Corporation (Suspended Client)
305 Mehroz Electronics (Formerly Hina Enterprises)
306 Melamine Emporium
307 Metro Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited [Formerly Metro - Habib Cash & Carry Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd]
308 MGC Real Estate LLP
309 MHB Markets (Pvt) Ltd
310 Mian Electronics
311 Mines & Mineral Development Department (Govt. of Punjab)
312 Minhaj Welfare Foundation
313 Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage (Govt. of Pakistan) (Suspended Client)
314 Mobile Sales & Distribution (Pvt.) Limited - (Greentech)
315 Mobo Mobile (Pvt.) Ltd.
316 Model Steel Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd
317 Modern Cosmetics
318 Moeed Enterprises
319 Momin Ghee (Pvt) Ltd
320 Monster Adventure (Pvt) Ltd
321 Moon Builders
322 Move On Pakistan
323 MR Cosmetics
324 Muhammad Din Engg Co.
325 Muhammad Farhad & Co.
326 Muhammad Yousaf Tea Seller
327 Multan Electric power Company (MEPCO)
328 Muslim World League International Islamic Relief Organization
329 Nadeem Wazir Metal Industry
330 Naeem Asif Electrical Industry
331 Naflo Industries
332 Nathani Electrical Co.
333 National Aviation Services (Pvt) Ltd (NasGas)
334 National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA), Govt. of Pakistan
335 National Highway Authority (NHA)
336 National Textile Institute - NTI Islamabad
337 Naveed Estate Builders & Developers
338 Nawaz Ghee Industries (Pvt.) Limited
339 Nawazish Ali & Company
340 NBF Candala
341 NetEase Information Technology Beijing Co. Limited
342 Neurospinal & Medical (Pvt) Ltd
343 New Agri Care
344 New Bright Electronics
345 New City Paradise
346 Nimsay Redefining Style (Pvt) Ltd
347 NK Associates and Builders (Pvt.) Limited
348 Nobel Hoisery
349 North Appliances Services (Pvt) Ltd
350 Nubra Inc. International
351 Nutrifactor Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd.
352 O.N International
353 OCS Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
354 Ombudsperson (Mohtasib) Punjab (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
355 Ophone
356 Orange Protection (Pvt.) Limited
357 Oxfam
358 Oxy Electronics Industries (Pvt.) Limited
359 Ozone Enterprise
360 Pak Agro Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd
361 Pak British Chilled Roller Industries
362 Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd
363 Pakistan China Institute
364 Pakistan China Media Friendship Association
365 Pakistan Furniture Council
366 Pakistan Mineral Company (DGPR - Government of Punjab)
367 Pakistan Muslim League (N) Multan City
368 Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA)
369 Pakistan Red Crescent Society
370 Pakistan Veterans Cricket Association
371 Paklite Electrical Industries (Pvt) Ltd
372 Pakpal Products (Pvt.) Limited
373 Pakson International Plastic Industries (Pvt.) Limited formerly Pakson International Plastic Industry
374 Panatron
375 Parvarish Charity Foundation
376 Parwaz Engineering Company (Pvt.) Limited
377 Perfect Aerosol Industries
378 PGL Lab
379 PK Steel Re-Rolling Mills
380 Play Picture
381 Population and Welfare Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
382 Power Highway
383 Premier Cosmeceuticals
384 Premium Aluminum Extrusion Industry
385 Pride Academia (Pvt.) Limited
386 Primary & Secondary Health Care (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
387 Prime Health Care
388 Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
389 Punjab Board of Information Technology (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
390 Punjab Commission on The Status of Women (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
391 Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
392 Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
393 Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
394 Punjab Employees Social Security Insititute (PESSI) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
395 Punjab Food Authority (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
396 Punjab Health Initiative Management Company (PHIMC) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
397 Punjab Healthcare Commission (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
398 Punjab Hepatitis Control Program (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
399 Punjab Higher Education Commission (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
400 Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority - PHOTA (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
401 Punjab Industrial Estates Development & Management Company - PIEDMC (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
402 Punjab Land Development Company (PLDC)
403 Punjab Land Record Authority (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
404 Punjab Population Innovation Fund - PPIF (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
405 Punjab Revenue Authority - PRA (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
406 Punjab Small Industries Corporation Ltd (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
407 Punjab Social Protection Authority (DGPR - Govt. Of Punjab)
408 Pure White Cosmetics
409 Qamar Khan Tea Company
410 Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital (A Project of Global Health Services Ltd)
411 Quality Products
412 Queens Residencia
413 R-Sheen Fashion Paradise
414 R.M Builders & Developers
415 Raaz Industries (Pvt.) Limited
416 Rachna Pearl Hotel
417 Rachna Sweet Factory
418 Rameen International
419 Rana Trading Co. (RTC)
420 Rani & Company
421 Rashid Steel Industries
422 Ravi River Urban Development Authority - DGPR (Govt. of Punjab)
423 Readygo (Pvt.) Limited
424 Real Foods (Pvt.) Limited
425 Rehan Trading Corporation
426 Rehman Wood Works
427 Rehmat Traders
428 Reliance Services Company
429 Rescue Punjab Emergency Services (Rescue 1122) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab) (Formerly Rescue 1122 Services)
430 Research Institute of Natural Resources of Pakistan
431 Ring Road Authority (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
432 Rising Sun Education & Welfare Society
433 RITS Incorporation
434 Robin VIP Chemicals
435 Roomi Enterprises (Private) Ltd
436 Roshni Homes Trust
437 Royal Developers & Builders (Pvt) Ltd
438 Ruby Foam Industries (Pvt) Ltd
439 Rukhsar Trading Co.
440 S K Global
441 S.F. Enterprises
442 S.M Communication
443 S.M. Food Makers Ltd
444 S.S Linkers
445 Saad Engineering
446 Sabro Engineering Company
447 Sadiq Vegetable Ghee Mills (Pvt) Ltd
448 Safi Impex
449 Saha Cosmetics
450 Sahar Educational Consortium
451 Sahil
452 Saifco Construction
453 Samrah Enterprises
454 Santax Products
455 Sapna Beauty Parlor & Taining Institute
456 Saso & Co.
457 School Education Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
458 Seasons Edible Oil Ltd (Formerly Wali Oil Mills Ltd)
459 Senator Abbas Afridi
460 Seth Muhammad Tufail Foundry (Pvt) Ltd
461 Seven Colour Productions International
462 SGS Electrical Company
463 Shafi Sons Soap Factory
464 Shahbaz Tikka Shop
465 Shaheen Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd
466 Shakeel Enterprises
467 Shanns Cosmetics & Chemicals
468 Sharif Jewellers
469 Sharif Khursheed Industry
470 Shaukat Soap & Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd
471 Sheikh Industry
472 Shoukat Traders
473 Silk (SMC – Pvt.) Limited
474 Silkface Cosmetics
475 Silver Lake Foods Ltd
476 Silver Lake Foods Products Ltd
477 SIUK (Pvt.) Limited
478 Six B Food Industry (Pvt) Ltd (Suspended Client)
480 Social Welfare & Bait-ul-Mal Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
481 Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child - (SPARC)
482 Sonex Alloy Casting (Pvt) Ltd
483 SOS Children's Villages Pakistan
484 Source Xperts (Pvt.) Limited
485 South Punjab Forest Company (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
486 Special Education Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
487 Sports Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
488 ST International
489 Stancos (Pvt) Ltd
490 Standard Aluminium Industries
491 Stanley Foods (Pvt.) Limited
492 Sterling Perfumes Industries LLC
493 Sukh Chayn Valley (Pvt.) Limited
494 Sultan Marketing
495 Summit Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd
496 Suncrop Pesticides
497 Sundar Industrial Estates (DGPR Govt. of Punjab)
498 Sundas Foundation
499 Sungro (Pvt) Ltd
500 Super National Electronics Corporation
501 Syed Flour Mills
502 Tabraiz Electric Industries
503 Tahir Termite Services
504 Taj Company (Pvt) Ltd
505 Tamoor Fan Company
506 Tariq Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd
507 TATA Soap Factory
508 Tayyab Brothers (Pvt) Ltd
509 Tech Cables
510 Tech City
511 Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) - DGPR (Govt. of Punjab)
512 Techno Wash
513 Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah Pakistan
514 Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP)
515 The Charter School
516 The Constructors
517 The Kooza
518 The Pearl Mall & Residency
519 Think Box Communications
520 Three Star Metal
521 Tipoo Enterprises
522 Tower Sports (Pvt) Ltd
523 Tradeline Trading Company
524 Transport Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
525 Travel Channel International (Pvt) Ltd
526 Treet Corporation Ltd
527 Trend International
528 Trendline Trading Company
529 Tulip Consultants (Pvt.) Limited
530 TV Sky Shop
531 U.S. Agency for Global Media
532 U.S.Chemicals - Tune
533 Ultra Club
534 Union Chemical industries (Pvt) Ltd
535 Unique Global Industries (Pvt) Ltd
536 Unique Group of Institutions
537 United Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd
538 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
539 Universal Trading Corporation
540 University of Sargodha (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
541 University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) - DGPR (Govt. of Punjab)
542 Uniworth Dress Co.
543 Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan (Private) Ltd (USC)
544 Value Advertiser
545 Varioline Intercool Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
546 Vega Lubricants (Pvt) Ltd
547 VIP Chemical Industries
548 Viral Tribe
549 Waheed Sons
550 Wajee Industries
551 Warda Hamna Residencia-III
552 White Rice Communications (Pvt.) Limited
553 Wi-Tribe Pakistan Ltd
554 Wilshire Laboratories (Pvt.) Limited
555 Wipro Unza Overseas Ltd
556 Women Development Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
557 Wooltex Enterprises
558 Workman
559 Y.B Enterprises
560 Ye Ghar (Pvt.) Limited
561 Yep Cafes (Pvt) Ltd
562 Youth Affairs, Sports, Tourism and Archaeology Department (Govt. of Punjab)
563 Zeenat House
564 Zenith Associates
Suspended Agencies
Evernew Concepts (Pvt) Limited, Advertising & Information Management (Pvt) Limited (AIM), X2O Private Limited, Midas (Pvt) Limited - LHR, Vibrant Communications, MEDIAONE Communication, Awan Brand Communications, Admax (Pvt.) Ltd., Media Expansion Systems (Pvt.) Limited, Graymatter Communications, Sound & Vision Private Limited, Ideas Workshop (Pvt) Limited, Add World Advertising Agency, Brandkey Communication (Pvt.) Limited, Paragon International (Pvt.) Ltd, 4 Square Communications (Pvt) Limited, Orient Advertising (Pvt) Limited, Super Media Communications (SMC Pvt) Ltd, The Circuit (Pvt) Limited, Eiman Ad Communications, The Circle Agency, Difference (Private) Limited, Adreach Advertising, Message Communications, Adgroup (Pvt) Limited, Creative Consultant (Pvt.) Limited, Communication Spot, Promoters Advertising, TNI Communications, Spider 360 Media (Pvt.) Limited,
Suspended Clients
Enem Estates, Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Climate Change (Govt. of Pakistan), Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), National Energy Conservation Centre (ENERCON) (Ministry of Environment - Govt. of Pakistan), EHFPRO, Ezee Travels (Pvt.) Ltd, Medtech Trading Corporation, Master Ballpoint Pen Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Dairy Development (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Communications (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training - (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources (Govt. of Pakistan), National Education Foundation (Ministry of Education - Govt. of Pakistan), Population Census Organization - Statistics Division (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Information Technology (Govt. of Pakistan), Multan Sultans (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), MAB Builders, Ministry of Narcotics Control (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Population Welfare (Govt. of Pakistan), Telemall Corporation, Emerging Innovations (Pvt.) Limited, Capital Development Authority (CDA) (Govt. of Pakistan), Chimera (Pvt.) Ltd., Ministry of Ports & Shipping (Govt. of Pakistan), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Environment (Govt. of Pakistan), Bikiya Industries (Private) Limited, Ministry of Labour & Manpower And Overseas Pakistani (Govt. of Pakistan), Neat Foods (Private) Limited, Ministry of Youth Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Science & Technology (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Defence Production (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Health & Special Education (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism & Youth Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), A&I Realtor (Pvt.) Limited, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall, Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Railways (Govt. of Pakistan), Get Technologies, Origins, Department of Plant Protection (Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Northern Areas (Govt. of Pakistan), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Hiba Life (Pvt.) Limited, Health Education Cell (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Directorate of Hajj (Govt. of Pakistan), Marwa Developers (Pvt) Limited, Ocean Marina Gwadar, Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Water & Power (Govt. of Pakistan), Forvil Cosmetics , Privatisation Commission (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Religious Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Al Shaheer Corporation Limited [Formerly Al Shaheer Corporation (Pvt.) Limited], Ministry of Food & Agriculture & Livestock (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Zakat & Ushr (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Energy, Power Division (Govt. of Pakistan), Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (Govt. of Pakistan), The Snack Bites Company, Al-Rauf Developers, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), Master City (Pvt) Ltd, Al-Siddique Developers, Ministry of National Food Security & Research (Govt. of Pakistan), Fast Marketing Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, The Olympus Mall, Saad Akbar Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Ltd, National Council for TIBB (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Master Poly Plastic Industries Ltd, I.S Abbac International (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Housing & Works (Govt. of Pakistan), 6th Sense Marketing (Pvt.) Limited, Master Cloth and Suiting Ltd, Six B Food Industry (Pvt) Ltd, Govt. of Pakistan Services Hospital, Intelligence Bureau (Govt. of Pakistan), Drugs Control Organization (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Daehan Dewan Motor Company (Pvt.) Limited, Big Bird Foods (Pvt) Ltd, IVY Boutique, DYL Motorcycle Ltd, Directorate of Malaria Control - Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination (Govt. Of Pakistan), B4U Soft (Pvt.) Limited, Ministry of Finance (Finance Division) - Govt. of Pakistan, A&I Enterprises, Ministry of Textile Industry (Govt. of Pakistan), Aala Dawakhana, Master Sanitary Fittings Industries Ltd, National AIDS Control Programe (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Parlimentary Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Education (Govt. of Pakistan), National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) (Govt. of Pakistan), Master Beverages and Foods Limited, Board of Investment (Govt. of Pakistan), Pakistan Oil & Seed Development Board (Ministry of Food Agriculture & Livestock - Govt. of Pakistan), Dynasel (Pvt) Ltd, Master Tiles & Ceramic Industries Ltd, Ministry of Sports (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Industries & Production (Govt. of Pakistan), Govt. of Pakistan Employees Housing Foundation, Crescent Star Foods (Pvt) Ltd, Programme for National Hydropower Development (Ministry of Water & Power - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Information Technology (TReMU) (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Tourism (Govt. of Pakistan), G-Tide Mobiles Pakistan, Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd , Raza Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Berrio International (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Interior (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination (Govt. of Pakistan), Aim Hygienics (Pvt.) Limited, Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) (Govt. of Pakistan), Digicom Trading (Pvt) Ltd, Gold Stone Construction (Pvt.) Ltd, JW Tech (Pvt) Ltd, Taha Developers, Premier American School, Evacuee Trust Poperty Board (Govt. of Pakistan), Mitchell's Fruit Farms Ltd, Ministry of Women Development (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiatives (Govt. of Pakistan) formerly Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform (Govt. of Pakistan), U & I Garments (Pvt) Ltd,