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  • 1.

    Rules And Regulations Governing Conduct Of Advertising Agencies/MBHs

    1/30/2024 12:58 pm
    Rules of Accredited Agencies (As amended and updated by the Board of Directors vide meeting dated August 24, 2021)
  • 2.

    Rules and Registration form for Clearance of Digital Media Outstanding Dues

    6/27/2020 4:09 pm

  • 3.

    Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA)

    9/15/2020 6:11 pm
    as amended and adopted through Special Resolution passed by Extra Ordinary General Meetings upto July 21, 2020
  • 4.

    Proforma of Bank Guarantee

    01/01/2019 12:42 pm

  • 5.

    Specimen for Appointment Letter

    01/01/2019 12:39 pm

  • 6.

    PEMRA (Third Amendment)


  • 7.

    PEMRA Ordinance 2002


  • 8.

    Media Protection Policy


  • 9.

    Interim Code of conduct on Coverage of Terrorism


  • 10.

    Compliance Mechanism


Suspended Agencies
Promoters Advertising, Eiman Ad Communications, X2O Private Limited, TNI Communications, Sound & Vision Private Limited, Paragon International (Pvt.) Ltd, The Circuit (Pvt) Limited, Awan Brand Communications, Brandkey Communication (Pvt.) Limited, Vibrant Communications, Communication Power Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, Admax (Pvt.) Ltd., Evernew Concepts (Pvt) Limited, Adreach Advertising, Super Media Communications (SMC Pvt) Ltd, Adgroup (Pvt) Limited, 4 Square Communications (Pvt) Limited, Ideas Workshop (Pvt) Limited, Media Expansion Systems (Pvt.) Limited, Difference (Private) Limited, Orient Advertising (Pvt) Limited, MEDIAONE Communication, Creative Consultant (Pvt.) Limited, Advertising & Information Management (Pvt) Limited (AIM), The Circle Agency, Message Communications, Midas (Pvt) Limited - LHR, Spider 360 Media (Pvt.) Limited, Graymatter Communications, Communication Spot, Add World Advertising Agency,
Suspended Clients
The Olympus Mall, Hiba Life (Pvt.) Limited, U & I Garments (Pvt) Ltd, Neat Foods (Private) Limited, Master Tiles & Ceramic Industries Ltd, Saad Akbar Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Ltd, A&I Realtor (Pvt.) Limited, Crescent Star Foods (Pvt) Ltd, Digicom Trading (Pvt) Ltd, Taha Developers, Al Shaheer Corporation Limited [Formerly Al Shaheer Corporation (Pvt.) Limited], Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd , Ocean Marina Gwadar, Marwa Developers (Pvt) Limited, Chimera (Pvt.) Ltd., Master Sanitary Fittings Industries Ltd, 6th Sense Marketing (Pvt.) Limited, Master Ballpoint Pen Industries (Pvt) Ltd, G-Tide Mobiles Pakistan, The Snack Bites Company, Multan Sultans (Pvt) Ltd, Telemall Corporation, Get Technologies, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), Al-Rauf Developers, Ezee Travels (Pvt.) Ltd, I.S Abbac International (Pvt) Ltd, Berrio International (Pvt) Ltd, Origins, Master Cloth and Suiting Ltd, Aim Hygienics (Pvt.) Limited, Medtech Trading Corporation, Daehan Dewan Motor Company (Pvt.) Limited, Gold Stone Construction (Pvt.) Ltd, Mitchell's Fruit Farms Ltd, Master Poly Plastic Industries Ltd, Dynasel (Pvt) Ltd, Aala Dawakhana, EHFPRO, Big Bird Foods (Pvt) Ltd, A&I Enterprises, Master City (Pvt) Ltd, Raza Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Master Beverages and Foods Limited, Six B Food Industry (Pvt) Ltd, Enem Estates, Emerging Innovations (Pvt.) Limited, DYL Motorcycle Ltd, Bikiya Industries (Private) Limited, Forvil Cosmetics , Premier American School, IVY Boutique, MAB Builders, Fast Marketing Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall, B4U Soft (Pvt.) Limited, Al-Siddique Developers, JW Tech (Pvt) Ltd,