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Oktopus 360 Media (Pvt) Limited
Provisionally Accredited
14-May-2010 (Accreditaton since 153 months)
C-28-B, 24th Commercial Street, Phase II Extention, DHA
(92-21) 35313863-6
(92-21) 35313867
[email protected]

Agency has done business with : 409 Client(s)

S.No Client Name
1 3Star Plastic Industries
2 A.H. Associates Builders & Developers
3 A.J. Mirza Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd.
4 A.R Builders & Developers
5 AAM Developers (Pvt) Ltd
6 Abbasi Builders & Developers
7 ABC Hygiene Industries (Private) Limited
8 ABC International Limited
9 Accountability Lab
10 Adnan Industries
11 Advance Builders & Developers
12 AEO Pakistan
13 Aero Iconic Tower
14 Afco Steel Industries
15 Aftab Qarshi Dawakhana
16 Aimal and Zain Builder
17 Ajmal Perfume Manufacturing
19 Akhuwat Islamic Microfinance
20 Al Ghurair Giga Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
21 Al Khidmat Welfare Society Karachi
22 Al Qaddar Global Business (Pvt) Ltd
23 Al Rauf Macca City Developers
24 Al Shaheer Corporation Limited [Formerly Al Shaheer Corporation (Pvt.) Limited] (Suspended Client)
25 Al-Asr Mall of Mandi Bahauddin
26 Al-Hakeem Properties Builders & Developers
27 Al-Khair Global (Pvt.) Ltd.
28 Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan
29 Al-Sufra Enterprises
30 Al-Tamoor Traders
31 Al-Wahab Associates
32 Al-Wahab Builders & Developers
33 Alfarid Corporation Ltd
34 All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran
35 Allied Medical & Chemical Research Co.
36 Aman Builders & Developers
37 Ana & Batla Industries (Pvt.) Ltd
38 Anwar Industries (Pvt) Ltd
39 AR Cosmetics Company
40 Arbab & Zafar (Pvt) Ltd
41 Arbash Ali Builders & Developers
42 Arex Global (Pvt) Ltd
43 As Salam Properties
44 ASF Foundation Pakistan
45 Ashraf Products
46 Askari Bank Ltd
47 Associated Industries Ltd
48 Atlantic Grease & Lubricants FZC
49 Aujla and Associates Town Developers (Pvt) Ltd
50 AWA International
51 AWM Educational Enterprise
52 Azhar Corporation (Pvt) Ltd
53 Baqar Traders
54 Barket Fertilizers (Pvt.) Limited
55 Bashir Sons
56 Bashir Sons (NTN 0162269-2)
57 Bata Pakistan Ltd
58 Beauty Experts (Pvt.) Ltd (Formerly Intercos)
59 Berlin Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd
60 Bestway Cement Ltd
61 Bismillah Blessing
62 Blesso Cosmetics
63 BNP (Pvt) Limited
64 BrandBox
65 BRB Properties Builders & Developers
66 Burhan Gas Company
67 Cannon International
68 Cantt Pearl Residency
69 Capital Construction
70 Careem Networks Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
71 Center for Communication Programs
72 Central Depository Company (CDC) of Pakistan Limited
73 Chapal Uptown
74 Chaudhry & Company
75 Chawla Chemicals & Metal Industries (Pvt.) Limited
76 China Hilton Residency
77 Citizen International Plastic Industries (Pvt) Ltd
78 Citizens Police Liaison Committee Central Reporting Cell
79 Citropak Ltd
80 City District Govt. Lahore (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
81 City Schools (Pvt.) Limited
82 Columbia Information Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
83 Commissioner / Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
84 Cornish Food Industries
85 Coslab (Pvt) Ltd
86 Create Think Tank (Pvt.) Ltd.
87 Crystal Synthetics (Pvt) Ltd
88 D.S Motors (Pvt) Ltd
89 Dadabhoy Housing (Private) Limited
90 Damaan Group
91 Dawood Textile Printing Industries (Pvt) Ltd
92 Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Lahore
93 DG Health Services - Directorate General of Health Services (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
94 Diamond Paint Industries (Pvt) Ltd
95 Diamond Tyres Ltd
96 DigiBull (Pvt.) Ltd.
97 Digital World Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
98 Distribution Club (Pvt) Ltd
99 Doctors Hospital & Medical Center (Pvt) Limited
100 Dollar East Exchange Company (Pvt.) Ltd.
101 Dollar Industries (Pvt) Ltd
102 Dr. A Q Khan Hospital Trust
103 Dragon Builders and Developers
104 Dua Builders & Developers & Real Estate
106 DWP Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
107 E ZEE Travel (Pvt) Ltd
108 Education & Literacy Department (Govt. of Sindh)
109 Education Valley (Pvt.) Ltd.
110 Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd
111 Eiffel Town (Pvt) Ltd
112 Emami International FZE
113 Empire Developments
114 Etihad Town (Pvt) Ltd
115 Evan & Mayer International
116 EY Ford Rhodes
117 F.M.C United (Pvt) Ltd
118 FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt) Ltd
119 Falcon Steel Mills (Pvt) Limited
120 Faraz Brothers Builders & Developers
121 Fariha Builders & Developers
122 Father & Sons (Pvt) Ltd
123 Ferozpur City
124 First PakZameen Associates (Pvt) Limited
125 Food Basti
126 Fortress Square Services (Pvt) Limited
127 Free Way Properties Estate Developers
128 Galaxy Natural Products (Private) Limited
129 Gas & Oil Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
130 Gerry's International (Pvt) Ltd
131 GHM Foods
132 Giga Group Islamabad (Pvt) Limited
133 Gohar Associates
134 Gohar Golf Vista
135 Gohar Villas
136 Golden Builders & Developers
137 Gourmet Catering Company
138 Gourmet Oil & Ghee Mills
139 Green Palms Housing Project
140 Gwadar Gymkhana
141 H&S Real Estate
142 Hafeez Ghee and General Mills (Pvt.) Limited
143 Hajj Organizers Association of Pakistan
144 Hanif Jewellers
145 Happy Mountain (Pvt.) Ltd.
146 Haris & Brothers
147 Haseen Builders and Developers
148 Hashim Khudadaad Hamid (SMC - Pvt.) Ltd
149 Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS)
150 Health Department (Govt. of Balochistan)
151 Hi-Tech Lubricants Ltd
152 Himont Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd
153 HIRTRC Construction
154 Hoffman's Group
155 Hooria Builder
156 House of Charizma
157 HQ Fabrics
158 Huawei Device (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd
159 HUAWEI Tech Investment Co. Ltd
160 Hundred Alpha (Pvt.) Limited
161 I & K Enterprises
162 Ice Age Industries (Pvt) Ltd
163 Icon Valley
164 Iconic Education Services (Pvt.) Limited
165 Imperial Builders
166 Imran Construction Company
167 Individual Land Trust
168 Indus Lube Oils Company
169 Indus Pencil Industries (Pvt.) Ltd
170 Information & Archives Department (Govt. of Sindh)
171 Information & Culture Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
172 Innovative Biscuits (Pvt) Ltd
173 Innovative Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
174 Inovi Technologies
175 Insta Track (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd
176 Institute of Business & Technology (Biztek)
177 International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
178 IPC Builders & Developers
179 Iqraa Lab (Private) Limited
180 Ittefaq Iron Industries Limited
181 Ittehad Textile Industries (Pvt) Ltd
182 J7 Emporium (Pvt) Limited
183 Jahanara Lawn
184 Jamaat-e-Islami
185 Jamaat-e-Islami (Karachi Division)
186 Joint Tea Company (JTC)
187 Jomo Technologies (Pvt.) Limited
188 Joyland (Pvt.) Ltd.
189 Jumani Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd
190 Kamal Ltd
191 Kamran Steel Re-Rolling Mills (Pvt) Ltd
192 Kaneez Developers (Pvt) Ltd
193 KANSAI Paint (Pvt) Ltd
194 Karim Housing (Pvt) Ltd
195 Kausar Ghee Mills (Pvt) Ltd
196 Khas Holdings
197 King ARP Link
198 King Groups of Companies (Pvt) Ltd
199 King's Real Estate
200 KIPS Academy
201 KIPS CSS-PMS Preparations
202 KIPS Preparations (Pvt.) Ltd.
203 Kobian Gulf
204 Koh-i-Noor Hi-Tech (Pvt) Ltd
205 Kohinoor Soap & Detergents (Pvt) Ltd
206 Kook Industries (Pvt) Ltd
207 KTC
208 Lahore Metropolitan Corporation (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
209 Laiba Enterprises Builders & Developers
210 Lakhani Apex
211 Lakhani Builders
212 Lakhani Vista
213 Lala Textile
214 Landmark Communications
215 Lateef Builders
216 Latif Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd
217 LEO Enterprises
218 Leopards Courier Services (Pvt) Ltd
219 Lucky Irani Circus
220 M. K. Apparel
221 M.M.Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd
222 Madina Developers
223 Mak Foods
224 Mall Concepts
225 Mall of Sargodha
226 Management & Development Foundation
227 Marhaba Trading Company
228 Marriana International
229 Mausummery Lawn
230 Mavra Ghee Industries (Pvt) Ltd
231 Max Fair Products (Pvt) Ltd
232 Maxell Power (Pvt) Ltd
233 Maypole (Pvt.) Limited
234 Mazyood Giga DHA Lahore Emerald Ltd
235 Medics Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd
236 MEDZnMORE (Pvt.) Ltd
237 Mehran Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd
238 Mehran Oils (Pvt) Ltd
239 Memon Builders
240 Memon Motors (Pvt) Ltd
241 Metro Flex Industries (Pvt) Ltd
242 Metro Shoes
243 Mian Brothers
244 MidCity Housing (Pvt) Limited
245 Millennium Education (Pvt) Ltd
246 Million Web Service (Pvt) Limited
247 Ministry of Social Welfare (Govt. of Sindh)
248 Misbah Cosmetics (Pvt.) Ltd.
249 Mobo International
250 Model Construction Company
251 Model Steel Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd
252 Mohkam Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd
253 MT Enterprises
254 Multan Sultans (Pvt) Ltd (Suspended Client)
255 N.J. Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd
256 Nabeel Corporation Builders & Developers
257 Naheed Builders and Developers
258 National Builders & Developers
259 National Communication Services (SMC-PVT) LTD
260 Naurus (Pvt) Ltd
261 Nelson Paints Industries (Pvt) Ltd
262 Newage Cables (Pvt.) Limited
263 Nisha Associates
264 Noman Builders
265 Noon Pakistan Ltd
266 Novo Nordisk Pharma (Pvt) Ltd
267 Nutrifactor Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd.
268 Oditer Motorcycle Parts (Pvt) Ltd
269 Oil World (Pvt) Ltd
270 Olympia Chemicals Ltd
271 Olympia Oils (Pvt.) Ltd.
272 Omega Industries
273 Orange Protection (Pvt.) Limited
274 Orbit Developers
275 Orbit Housing
276 Orient Housing Services
277 Oriental Entertainment
278 Osman Housing (Pvt) Ltd
279 Pacific Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd
280 Packages Construction (Pvt) Ltd
281 Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd
282 Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt) Ltd
283 Pakistan Alco Products (Pvt.) Ltd.
284 Pakistan Benevolence and Social Management Trust
285 Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation - PCHF
286 Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Center
287 Pakistan Medical Association (Centre)
288 Pakistan Oil Mills (Pvt) Ltd
289 Pakistan Plastic Manufacturers Association
290 Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA)
291 Pakistan Red Crescent Society
292 Pakland Builders
293 Panther Tyres Limited
294 Patel Foundation
295 Patel Traders
296 Patients Welfare Foundation
297 Pearl Confectionery (Pvt) Ltd
298 Pharmagen Healthcare Ltd
299 Pie in the Sky (Pvt.) Ltd.
300 Plastic World Limited
301 PM Auto Industries
302 Poonia Brothers
303 Popper House (Pvt) Ltd
304 Popular Food Industries Ltd
305 Population and Welfare Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
306 Power Cement Limited
307 PPHI Sindh
308 Preston University
309 Primary & Secondary Health Care (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
310 Prime Management (Pvt) Ltd
311 Punjab Group of Colleges
312 Punjab Oil Mills Ltd
313 Punjab Sports Board (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
314 Pure White Cosmetic
315 Pure White Cosmetics
316 Quality Brands (Pvt) Limited
317 Quality Products
318 Quice Food Industries Ltd
319 Quick Food Industries (Pvt) Ltd
320 Raazy Motor Industries (Pvt) Ltd
321 Rafiq Engineering Industries (Pvt) Ltd
322 Rania Mall
323 Read Foundation
324 Red Sun Associates
325 Rehman Foundation
326 Rescue Punjab Emergency Services (Rescue 1122) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab) (Formerly Rescue 1122 Services)
327 Riphah International University
328 Rizwan Moazzam
329 Robin VIP Chemicals
330 Route-2 Health (Pvt) Ltd
331 Ruba Digital (Pvt) Ltd
332 Rufi Builders & Developers
333 S.G. Builders And Developers
334 S.G.S Electrical Company
335 S.M. Food Makers Ltd
336 Saddar Market Development Consortium
337 Sahara for Life Trust
338 Said Naam (Pvt) Ltd
339 Salman Enterprises
340 Sanifa Agri Services Limited
341 SB Enterprises
342 Sefam (Pvt) Ltd
343 Sehwan Hills
344 Seven Star Enterprises Builders & Developers
345 Shaheen Air International Ltd
346 Shahzada Industries
347 Shaia Builders & Developers
348 Shapar (Pvt) Ltd
349 Sharif Milk Products (Pvt) Ltd
350 Shariq Textiles
351 Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust
352 Sialkot Oil Refinery (Pvt) Ltd
353 SICCOTEL Trading
354 Skinpro Cosmetics
355 Soneri Builders & Developers
356 Sonex Electrical Industries (Pvt) Ltd
357 Specialized Health Care Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab) formerly Specialized Health Care and Medical Education Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
358 Spell Petrochemicals (Pvt) Ltd
359 Stanley Foods (Pvt.) Limited
360 Subway International B.V.
361 Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd (SSGC)
362 Summit Footwear Co. Ltd
363 Summit Mobile (Pvt.) Limited formerly [Vivo Electric (Pvt.) Limited]
364 Sundas Foundation
365 Sungi Development Foundation
366 Superior Group of Colleges
367 Syngenta Pakistan Ltd
368 T Ten Sports Management FZE
369 Tara Crop Sciences (Pvt) Ltd
370 The Bank of Khyber (BOK)
371 The Chips Factory
372 The Citizens Foundation
373 THE CUBE Design Services
374 The Educational Torch Bearers (Pvt.) Ltd.
375 The Looks (Pvt.) Limited
376 The Potato Factory International
377 The Punjab Enterprises
378 The Quaid E Azam Group of Schools and Colleges
379 The Reader Educational Network (Pvt) Limited
380 The Spirit Schools
381 The Uniworth Dress Co
382 Three Dimensional Lifestyle Limited
383 Three Star Construction Company
384 Tower 21
385 Twin City Housing (Pvt) Limted
386 U.K. Polymers (Pvt) Limited
387 Union Developers (Pvt) Limited
388 United Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd
389 United Brands Limited
390 United Communication (Pvt) Limited
391 United Motors (Pvt) Limited
392 United Vinyl Industries
393 University of Management and Technology (UMT)
394 VOR Marketing Consultants (Pvt.) Limited
395 Wahid Industries Ltd
396 Wall Street Exchange Company (Pvt) Ltd
397 Waqar Builders & Developers
398 Waqar Electronics
399 Waresa Industry (Pvt) Ltd
400 Wasi Brother's Builders & Association
401 West Continental Group, Lahore
402 Women Development Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
403 Yaqub Soap Factory (Pvt.) Ltd.
404 Zain Builders & Developers
405 Zain Enterprises
406 Zainab Cooking Oils Mills
407 Zaitoon Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
408 Zeniya Lawn
409 Zia Electromotive (Pvt) Limited
Suspended Agencies
Message Communications, Advertising & Information Management (Pvt) Limited (AIM), The Circuit (Pvt) Limited, Add World Advertising Agency, Adreach Advertising, Midas (Pvt) Limited - LHR, Vibrant Communications, Creative Consultant (Pvt.) Limited, X2O Private Limited, Paragon International (Pvt.) Ltd, Eiman Ad Communications, The Circle Agency, Difference (Private) Limited, Graymatter Communications, Adgroup (Pvt) Limited, Evernew Concepts (Pvt) Limited, Pirana Advertising (Pvt) Limited, Super Media Communications (SMC Pvt) Ltd, Orient Advertising (Pvt) Limited, Ideas Workshop (Pvt) Limited, Momentum Marketing & Communications Pvt. Ltd (formerly Dawn Communications (Pvt.) Ltd.), Promoters Advertising, Spider 360 Media (Pvt.) Limited, Communication Spot, Brandkey Communication (Pvt.) Limited, MEDIAONE Communication, Awan Brand Communications,
Suspended Clients
Multan Sultans (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Health & Special Education (Govt. of Pakistan), Daehan Dewan Motor Company (Pvt.) Limited, Ministry of Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism & Youth Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Information Technology (TReMU) (Govt. of Pakistan), Master City (Pvt) Ltd, Emerging Innovations (Pvt.) Limited, A&I Enterprises, Ministry of Narcotics Control (Govt. of Pakistan), Board of Investment (Govt. of Pakistan), G-Tide Mobiles Pakistan, JW Tech (Pvt) Ltd, Directorate of Malaria Control - Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination (Govt. Of Pakistan), Al Shaheer Corporation Limited [Formerly Al Shaheer Corporation (Pvt.) Limited], Population Census Organization - Statistics Division (Govt. of Pakistan), Raza Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Digicom Trading (Pvt) Ltd, Govt. of Pakistan Services Hospital, The Snack Bites Company, Enem Estates, Bikiya Industries (Private) Limited, Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Environment (Govt. of Pakistan), National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) (Govt. of Pakistan), Gold Stone Construction (Pvt.) Ltd, Ministry of Industries & Production (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Climate Change (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Defence Production (Govt. of Pakistan), The Olympus Mall, Ministry of Population Welfare (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), National Council for TIBB (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), EHFPRO, MAB Builders, Master Cloth and Suiting Ltd, Ministry of Religious Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Finance (Finance Division) - Govt. of Pakistan, Ministry of Labour & Manpower And Overseas Pakistani (Govt. of Pakistan), Telemall Corporation, Health Education Cell (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Railways (Govt. of Pakistan), National AIDS Control Programe (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Food & Agriculture & Livestock (Govt. of Pakistan), Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (Govt. of Pakistan), Medtech Trading Corporation, Master Ballpoint Pen Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of National Food Security & Research (Govt. of Pakistan), B4U Soft (Pvt.) Limited, Origins, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Privatisation Commission (Govt. of Pakistan), Evacuee Trust Poperty Board (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training - (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Education (Govt. of Pakistan), Premier American School, Pakistan Oil & Seed Development Board (Ministry of Food Agriculture & Livestock - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Science & Technology (Govt. of Pakistan), Crescent Star Foods (Pvt) Ltd, Ocean Marina Gwadar, Ministry of Textile Industry (Govt. of Pakistan), Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall, IVY Boutique, Al-Rauf Developers, Ministry of Sports (Govt. of Pakistan), Ezee Travels (Pvt.) Ltd, Decagon Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, Master Tiles & Ceramic Industries Ltd, Programme for National Hydropower Development (Ministry of Water & Power - Govt. of Pakistan), Chimera (Pvt.) Ltd., Itel Mobile Limited, Ministry of Housing & Works (Govt. of Pakistan), Master Poly Plastic Industries Ltd, Six B Food Industry (Pvt) Ltd, Govt. of Pakistan Employees Housing Foundation, Hiba Life (Pvt.) Limited, Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism (Govt. of Pakistan), Department of Plant Protection (Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock - Govt. of Pakistan), Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) (Govt. of Pakistan), I.S Abbac International (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Water & Power (Govt. of Pakistan), Taha Developers, Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Northern Areas (Govt. of Pakistan), UniChampion Trading Ltd, National Education Foundation (Ministry of Education - Govt. of Pakistan), Drugs Control Organization (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage (Govt. of Pakistan), Directorate of Hajj (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Tourism (Govt. of Pakistan), Intelligence Bureau (Govt. of Pakistan), Saad Akbar Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Ltd, Ministry of Communications (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Zakat & Ushr (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination (Govt. of Pakistan), Fast Marketing Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), Ministry of Dairy Development (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education (Govt. of Pakistan), Dynasel (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiatives (Govt. of Pakistan) formerly Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Parlimentary Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Al-Siddique Developers, Capital Development Authority (CDA) (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Energy, Power Division (Govt. of Pakistan), Master Beverages and Foods Limited, Ministry of Interior (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Ports & Shipping (Govt. of Pakistan), Big Bird Foods (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Information Technology (Govt. of Pakistan), Master Sanitary Fittings Industries Ltd, Ministry of Youth Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), U & I Garments (Pvt) Ltd, Forvil Cosmetics , Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) (Govt. of Pakistan), DYL Motorcycle Ltd, Get Technologies, Berrio International (Pvt) Ltd, 6th Sense Marketing (Pvt.) Limited, A&I Realtor (Pvt.) Limited, Ministry of Women Development (Govt. of Pakistan), Aala Dawakhana, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) (Govt. of Pakistan), National Energy Conservation Centre (ENERCON) (Ministry of Environment - Govt. of Pakistan),