All Agencies

S.No Agency Name Type of Accreditation Registration Date
S.No Agency Name Type of Accreditation Registration Date
1 4 Square Communications (Pvt) Limited (Suspended Agency) Provisional 07-October-2011
2 ABC Advertisers (Pvt) Ltd Provisional 04-June-2018
3 Adage Communications (Pvt.) Ltd. Provisional 21-November-2019
4 Adarts Karachi (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 24-June-2016
5 Adcom (Private) Limited Accreditated
6 Adcom Media (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 24-June-2016
7 Add World Advertising Agency (Suspended Agency) Provisional 12-December-2011
8 Add-On Edge (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 21-July-2016
9 Adetude (Pvt) Limited Provisional 24-May-2011
10 Adgroup (Pvt) Limited (Suspended Agency) Accreditated
11 Admax (Pvt.) Ltd. (Suspended Agency) Provisional 01-March-2019
12 Adpulse IMC (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 08-February-2023
13 Adreach Advertising (Suspended Agency) Provisional 05-August-2009
14 Adrope (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 14-January-2023
15 Advertising & Business Consultants (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 24-November-2020
16 Advertising & Information Management (Pvt) Limited (AIM) (Suspended Agency) Provisional 15-March-2011
17 Adworks (Pvt) Ltd Provisional 18-October-2017
18 Agate Advertising (Pvt) Ltd Provisional 10-February-2018
19 Argus Advertising (Pvt) Limited Accreditated
20 Awan Brand Communications (Suspended Agency) Accreditated
21 Bilal Associates Accreditated 02-May-2008
22 Blitz Advertising (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 30-April-2008
23 Brain Tree Advertising Provisional 17-August-2023
24 Brainchild Communications Pakistan (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 28-October-2010
25 Brandkey Communication (Pvt.) Limited (Suspended Agency) Provisional 02-January-2018
26 Bulls Eye Communications (Pvt) Limited Provisional 14-March-2011
27 Channel 7 Communications (Pvt) Limited Provisional 04-July-2011
28 Commtech Provisional 15-April-2016
29 Communication Power Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 04-May-2016
30 Communication Spot (Suspended Agency) Accreditated 12-March-2008
31 Connect Marketing Communication (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 19-October-2011
32 Corporate & Marketing Communications (Pvt.) Limited - CMC Provisional 30-April-2013
33 Creative Consultant (Pvt.) Limited (Suspended Agency) Provisional 08-December-2017
34 Creative Junction Private Limited Provisional 07-October-2009
35 Cross Check Communications (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 01-August-2009
36 Demo Agency Accreditated 01-January-2018
37 Design n Advertising (DNA) Provisional 20-December-2016
38 Difference (Private) Limited (Suspended Agency) Provisional 07-October-2009
39 Digital Creations Accreditated
40 Dynamic Media Provisional 17-June-2023
41 Eiman Ad Communications (Suspended Agency) Provisional 16-July-2010
42 Enhancerz Communications (Pvt) Ltd Provisional 12-February-2019
43 Evernew Concepts (Pvt) Limited (Suspended Agency) Accreditated
44 Exuberance Advertising (SMC - Pvt.) Limited Provisional 04-October-2022
45 Fast Track Communication (Pvt.) Ltd. Provisional 27-April-2021
46 Firebolt63 (Pvt.) Limited Accreditated 07-May-2014
47 Focus 360 Marketing (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 07-July-2022
48 Fourays Advertising (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 11-May-2016
49 Fresh Media Provisional 01-January-2020
50 Front Line Communications Accreditated 25-February-2009
51 Future Vision Advertising Accreditated 21-September-2015
52 G. H. Thaver & Co (Private) Limited Accreditated 17-May-2008
53 G.S Advertising Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. Provisional 05-May-2021
54 Global Media Edge Provisional 17-February-2023
55 Golden Thoughts Accreditated 06-April-2009
56 Graymatter Communications (Suspended Agency) Provisional 26-August-2015
57 Green Apple Communications Provisional 11-October-2010
58 Groupk (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 01-February-2022
59 Groupm Pakistan (Private) Limited Accreditated
60 Hakuna Matata Provisional 18-August-2023
61 Hawk Advertising & Communications Consultant Provisional 11-August-2009
62 Hayder Ali Communications Provisional 21-September-2015
63 Ideas Workshop (Pvt) Limited (Suspended Agency) Accreditated 08-September-2008
64 IG Square Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Provisional 05-October-2020
65 Impact Advertising Services (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 30-December-2016
66 Insync Marketing & Advertising (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 22-July-2015
67 Interflow Communications (Pvt) Limited Accreditated
68 Interlink Advertising (Pvt) Limited Provisional 24-May-2011
69 International Advertising (Pvt) Limited (IAL) Accreditated
70 JWT Accreditated 20-October-2008
71 Kenad (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 23-July-2013
72 Linkers Communication (Private) Limited Provisional 16-March-2013
73 Lowe & Rauf (Pvt) Limited Accreditated
74 M & C Saatchi World Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 25-May-2016
75 M Communications (Pvt) Limited (Formerly Mind Communications (Pvt) Limited) Accreditated
76 Manhattan Communications (Pvt) Limited Accreditated
77 Manhattan International (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 19-January-2009
78 Manhill Advertising & Marketing (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 30-July-2008
79 Marcom (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 23-February-2021
80 Marketing & Advertising (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 12-August-2009
81 Marksman Advertising Provisional 09-October-2014
82 Mars Communication Provisional 16-September-2022
83 Marshmallow Advertising (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 02-March-2021
84 Mass Advertising (Pvt.) Limited Accreditated 02-July-2013
85 Maxim Advertising Co. (Pvt.) Limited Accreditated 12-December-2012
86 MCM Advertising Accreditated
87 Media Axis (Pvt) Limited Accreditated
88 Media Expansion Systems (Pvt.) Limited (Suspended Agency) Provisional 21-February-2022
89 Media Network Accreditated 25-March-2008
90 Media Professionals Provisional 30-November-2018
91 Media Pulse (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 14-April-2008
92 MEDIAONE Communication (Suspended Agency) Provisional 05-October-2015
93 Mesh Media (Pvt.) Ltd. Provisional 27-May-2021
94 Message Communications (Suspended Agency) Provisional 11-August-2009
95 Midas (Pvt) Limited - LHR (Suspended Agency) Accreditated
96 Midas Communications Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Accreditated
97 Midas International (Pvt) Limited - Khi Provisional 16-October-2009
98 Mindread Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd. Provisional 08-June-2023
99 Modem4 (Pvt) Limited Provisional 26-April-2010
100 Momentum Marketing & Communications Pvt. Ltd (formerly Dawn Communications (Pvt.) Ltd.) Provisional 28-December-2020
101 Nextstep Communications (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 27-June-2023
102 OAK Media (Pvt) Ltd Provisional 01-November-2018
103 OCLY (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 01-April-2016
104 Oktopus 360 Media (Pvt) Limited Provisional 14-May-2010
105 Orange Room (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 26-May-2023
106 Orient Advertising (Pvt) Limited (Suspended Agency) Accreditated
107 Orient Communications (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 16-November-2009
108 Orient Next (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 03-December-2022
109 Orientedge (Pvt.) Ltd Provisional 22-July-2022
110 Pak Media Communications (Pvt) Limited (Formerly Pak Mediacom (Pvt) Limited) Accreditated
111 Paragon International (Pvt.) Ltd (Suspended Agency) Provisional 04-July-2018
112 Partnership 3 (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 02-January-2018
113 Perspective Media Provisional 25-May-2016
114 Pirana Advertising (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 07-November-2009
115 Prestige Communications (Pvt) Limited Accreditated
116 Printer Port Accreditated
117 Promoters Advertising (Suspended Agency) Provisional 02-January-2018
118 Red Communication Arts (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 28-April-2009
119 Red Ocean Communication & PR. Provisional 30-November-2020
120 Revolution Media (Pvt) Ltd Provisional 10-September-2015
121 RG Blue Communications Accreditated 07-August-2014
122 Roshni Communication Provisional 05-May-2021
123 Shazia Abbasi Consulting (SMC-Pvt). Limited Provisional 16-March-2013
124 Smart Ways Communications (Pvt.) Ltd. Provisional 30-July-2020
125 Solution 1 Provisional 15-June-2017
126 Sound & Vision Private Limited (Suspended Agency) Provisional 13-February-2017
127 Spectrum Communications (Pvt) Limited Accreditated
128 Spider 360 Media (Pvt.) Limited (Suspended Agency) Accreditated 14-October-2015
129 SS Marketing & Advertising (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 28-April-2017
130 Starcrest Communications (Pvt.) Limited formerly Starcrest (Pvt.) Limited Accreditated 19-January-2009
131 Studio Inn Media Services (SIMS) Provisional 02-January-2018
132 Super Media Communications (SMC Pvt) Ltd (Suspended Agency) Provisional 21-September-2015
133 Synchronize Media (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 01-April-2016
134 Synergy Advertising (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 10-March-2008
135 T Media Accreditated 19-May-2008
136 Task Communication (Pvt.) Ltd. Provisional 14-June-2023
137 The Brand Ache Communications Provisional 25-November-2017
138 The Brand Partnership (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 13-March-2008
139 The Changing Zone (SMC-PVT) Limited Accreditated 05-May-2008
140 The Circle Agency (Suspended Agency) Provisional 06-April-2016
141 The Circuit (Pvt) Limited (Suspended Agency) Accreditated 24-May-2008
142 Time & Space Media (Pvt) Limited Accreditated
143 TNI Communications (Suspended Agency) Accreditated 05-May-2012
144 Up-Tick Ventures (Pvt) Ltd Provisional 04-December-2017
145 Velocity Marketing & Communications (Pvt) Limited Provisional 10-September-2009
146 Vibrant Communications (Suspended Agency) Provisional 14-June-2021
147 Wahedna D'Arcy (Private) Limited Accreditated 04-April-2008
148 Wings Media (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 26-February-2021
149 Wonder Ideas (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 28-September-2022
150 X2O Private Limited (Suspended Agency) Provisional 15-March-2011
151 Xander Communication (Pvt.) Ltd. Provisional 05-September-2017
152 Xnine Communication (Pvt) Limited Accreditated 27-July-2011
153 Xposure Advertising Marketing (Pvt.) Limited Provisional 15-October-2022
154 Yolk Media (Pvt) Limited Provisional 03-November-2020
155 Z2C Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd Provisional 20-November-2018
156 Zenith Advertising Communication (Pvt.) Ltd. Provisional 24-January-2018
Suspended Agencies
TNI Communications, Evernew Concepts (Pvt) Limited, Add World Advertising Agency, Midas (Pvt) Limited - LHR, Super Media Communications (SMC Pvt) Ltd, Ideas Workshop (Pvt) Limited, Brandkey Communication (Pvt.) Limited, The Circuit (Pvt) Limited, Awan Brand Communications, Message Communications, 4 Square Communications (Pvt) Limited, The Circle Agency, Communication Spot, Sound & Vision Private Limited, Spider 360 Media (Pvt.) Limited, Vibrant Communications, Admax (Pvt.) Ltd., Difference (Private) Limited, Adgroup (Pvt) Limited, X2O Private Limited, Advertising & Information Management (Pvt) Limited (AIM), Graymatter Communications, Adreach Advertising, MEDIAONE Communication, Orient Advertising (Pvt) Limited, Paragon International (Pvt.) Ltd, Promoters Advertising, Creative Consultant (Pvt.) Limited, Eiman Ad Communications, Media Expansion Systems (Pvt.) Limited,
Suspended Clients
Ministry of Science & Technology (Govt. of Pakistan), MAB Builders, JW Tech (Pvt) Ltd, EHFPRO, Taha Developers, Digicom Trading (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Defence Production (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Housing & Works (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Youth Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Information Technology (Govt. of Pakistan), Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Environment (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiatives (Govt. of Pakistan) formerly Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform (Govt. of Pakistan), Al-Rauf Developers, Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training - (Govt. of Pakistan), I.S Abbac International (Pvt) Ltd, The Snack Bites Company, Hiba Life (Pvt.) Limited, Master Tiles & Ceramic Industries Ltd, National Council for TIBB (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd , Ministry of Food & Agriculture & Livestock (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Water & Power (Govt. of Pakistan), Directorate of Malaria Control - Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination (Govt. Of Pakistan), Dynasel (Pvt) Ltd, B4U Soft (Pvt.) Limited, Directorate of Hajj (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Industries & Production (Govt. of Pakistan), Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (Govt. of Pakistan), Crescent Star Foods (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Education (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of National Food Security & Research (Govt. of Pakistan), Fast Marketing Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Climate Change (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination (Govt. of Pakistan), Ocean Marina Gwadar, Ministry of Information Technology (TReMU) (Govt. of Pakistan), Multan Sultans (Pvt) Ltd, Board of Investment (Govt. of Pakistan), Intelligence Bureau (Govt. of Pakistan), Neat Foods (Private) Limited, Master Sanitary Fittings Industries Ltd, Emerging Innovations (Pvt.) Limited, Get Technologies, Aim Hygienics (Pvt.) Limited, Ministry of Zakat & Ushr (Govt. of Pakistan), Ezee Travels (Pvt.) Ltd, National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Northern Areas (Govt. of Pakistan), A&I Realtor (Pvt.) Limited, G-Tide Mobiles Pakistan, Pakistan Oil & Seed Development Board (Ministry of Food Agriculture & Livestock - Govt. of Pakistan), Marwa Developers (Pvt) Limited, Master Beverages and Foods Limited, DYL Motorcycle Ltd, Ministry of Tourism (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Religious Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Health & Special Education (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Dairy Development (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Population Welfare (Govt. of Pakistan), Six B Food Industry (Pvt) Ltd, Chimera (Pvt.) Ltd., Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education (Govt. of Pakistan), National Education Foundation (Ministry of Education - Govt. of Pakistan), Bikiya Industries (Private) Limited, Premier American School, Enem Estates, Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Population Census Organization - Statistics Division (Govt. of Pakistan), A&I Enterprises, Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) (Govt. of Pakistan), Master Ballpoint Pen Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall, Daehan Dewan Motor Company (Pvt.) Limited, Ministry of Energy, Power Division (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Interior (Govt. of Pakistan), Berrio International (Pvt) Ltd, IVY Boutique, Health Education Cell (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Govt. of Pakistan Services Hospital, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources (Govt. of Pakistan), Master City (Pvt) Ltd, 6th Sense Marketing (Pvt.) Limited, Ministry of Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism & Youth Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Medtech Trading Corporation, Ministry of Textile Industry (Govt. of Pakistan), The Olympus Mall, National AIDS Control Programe (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Sports (Govt. of Pakistan), Privatisation Commission (Govt. of Pakistan), Master Cloth and Suiting Ltd, Capital Development Authority (CDA) (Govt. of Pakistan), Drugs Control Organization (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan), Mitchell's Fruit Farms Ltd, Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (Govt. of Pakistan), Origins, Ministry of Communications (Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Parlimentary Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan), Govt. of Pakistan Employees Housing Foundation, Raza Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ministry of Railways (Govt. of Pakistan), Forvil Cosmetics , Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) (Govt. of Pakistan), Evacuee Trust Poperty Board (Govt. of Pakistan), Big Bird Foods (Pvt) Ltd, Saad Akbar Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Ltd, Aala Dawakhana, Programme for National Hydropower Development (Ministry of Water & Power - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Narcotics Control (Govt. of Pakistan), National Energy Conservation Centre (ENERCON) (Ministry of Environment - Govt. of Pakistan), Ministry of Women Development (Govt. of Pakistan), Gold Stone Construction (Pvt.) Ltd, Al Shaheer Corporation Limited [Formerly Al Shaheer Corporation (Pvt.) Limited], Al-Siddique Developers, Department of Plant Protection (Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Livestock - Govt. of Pakistan), U & I Garments (Pvt) Ltd, Ministry of Ports & Shipping (Govt. of Pakistan), Telemall Corporation, Ministry of Finance (Finance Division) - Govt. of Pakistan, Ministry of Labour & Manpower And Overseas Pakistani (Govt. of Pakistan), Master Poly Plastic Industries Ltd,