Agency Details

Adgroup (Pvt) Limited (Suspended Agency)
9-West, 1ST & 2nd Floor, Rizwan Plaza, Blue Area
(92-51) 111-333-222
(92-51) 2273996-7

Agency has done business with : 425 Client(s)

S.No Client Name
1 4th Dimension
2 A B Advertisers
3 A.R.Company
4 A.S Empire
5 AARP International
6 Abu'ZZ World
7 AC Nielsen Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
8 Acision Pakistan
9 Ahmed & Co. Barristers (Pvt) Ltd
10 Al Massom
11 Al-Hamd Academy
12 Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital
13 Ameejee Valeejee & Sons
14 American Steak House
15 Army Heritage House
16 Askari Cement (Nizampur)
17 Askari Cement (Wah)
18 Askari College
19 Attorney General of Pakistan
20 Australian High Commission
21 Avenir Technologies
22 Ayaz Builders
23 Ayub Atta & Co
24 Azad Jammu And Kashmir Council Secretariat
25 Bahauddin Zakariya University (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
26 Baker Oil Tools
27 Berlitz Language Centre
28 Bestway Cement Ltd
29 Bilal Hospital Rawalpindi
30 Biryani Express
31 Bits Communications
32 Black Horse International (Pvt) Ltd
33 BM Publications
34 Bobby Khan Holdings
35 Brand Works
36 British High Commission
37 Cabinet Division
38 Callmate Telips Telecom Ltd
39 CAMS (Pvt) Ltd
40 Cannon
41 Cantonment Board (Jehlum)
42 Cantonment Board (Murree)
43 Canyon Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd
44 Care International
45 Carrier Telephone Industries
46 Carson Group Pakistan Carpet & Woolen Mills
47 Central Directorate of National Savings
48 Centre for Applied Molecular Biology
49 Chamdia & Associates Inc.
50 Chamn Ice Cream
51 Channel 7
52 Channel Tek
53 Chaudri Nisar Ali Khan Candidate of NA-63 (Independent Candidate)
54 Chawal Resturant
55 China Mobile Communication Corporation
56 CIIT Internet Services
57 CIIT, Abbottabad Campus
58 CIIT, Islamabad Campus
59 CIIT, Sahiwal Campus
60 CIS Network Training Division
61 City Supermarket
62 Civilian Employees Co-Operative Housing Society
63 Class For Employees Co-Operative Housing Society
64 Classic Cleaners (Pvt) Ltd
65 College of Banking & Finance
66 College of Medical Laboratory Technology
67 Compact Engineering Group
68 Computer & Office Products
69 Computer Marketing Co (Pvt) Ltd
70 Computer Society of Pakistan
71 Comsats Comstech-MTM IT Institute
72 COMSATS Head Quarter, Islamabad
73 Comsats Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad Campus
74 Comsats Institute of Information Technology, IBD
75 Comsats Institute of Information Technology, Lahore Campus
76 Comsats Institute of Information Technology, WAH Cantt Campus
77 COMSATS Internet Services
78 COMSATS Training Division
79 Cosmos Production (Pvt) Ltd
81 DANCOM Pakistan
82 Dawood Capital
83 Deen's International
84 Defence Housing Society, Islamabad
85 Dell Pakistan
86 Department for International Development - (DFID)
87 Designmen IRSD
88 DHAI Amaris
89 Director General (MIS)
90 Directorate of Information & Public Relations Department (Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
91 Directorate of Malaria Control Programme (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan)
92 Distric Govt, Rawalpindi
93 Divisional Public School (DPS)
94 Drugs Control Organization (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan)
95 Dynapix
96 East Side Services Ltd (ESS)
97 East West (Pvt) Ltd
98 Economic Fuel (Pvt) Ltd
99 Education Sector Reform Assistance Programme
100 Election Commission of Pakistan (Govt. of Pakistan)
101 Embassy of Pakistan, Cairo
102 Embassy of Republic of Korea
103 Emirates Institute of Advance Technology
104 Employee Oldage Benefit Institute (EOBI)
105 Enabling Technologies Inc.
106 Enerpro (Pvt) Ltd
107 Enery Resource Development
108 Engineering Training Service
109 Enterprise DB
110 Enterprise System (Pvt) Ltd
111 Envoy Continental Hotel
112 Equity Exchange & Trust
113 EWAZ Communication (Pvt) Ltd
114 Export Processing Zones Authority
115 Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)
116 F.G.E.H. Foundation
117 Faisal Bank Ltd
118 Falcon Engineering
119 Family Health International
120 Far Eastern Impex
121 Fatima Jinnah Women University
122 Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)
123 Federal Public Service Commission
124 Federal Service Tribunal
125 Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industries
126 FFC & FFC Bin Qasim
127 Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder
128 Foundation For Advancement of Science
129 Friedrich Ebert Foundation
130 Friends Engineers
131 Frontier Works Organization (FWO)
132 Genetic Computer School
133 Geological Survey of Pakistan
134 Global Health Services Ltd
135 Global Securities
136 Goodluck Industries Ltd
137 Govt. of Pakistan Services Hospital
138 Habib Rafique (Pvt) Ltd
139 Haji Umer Farooq Candidate of PP-19 (Independent Candidate)
140 Hali Fax Cotex (Pvt) Ltd
141 Hampton School
142 Harverd University
143 Hashwani Hotels Ltd, Islamabad
144 Haven Education & Training Centre
145 Head Start Girls School
146 Health Education Cell (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan)
147 Health Services Academy (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan)
148 Healthcare Solutions International (Pvt) Ltd
149 Heavy Electrical Complex (Pvt) Ltd
150 Heavy Industries Taxila
151 Heavy Mechanical Complex
152 Herald Resource
153 HES Chartered Accountants
154 Higher Education Commission (HEC)
155 HIT Degree College
156 HIT Education City
157 Holiday Inn, Islamabad
158 Home Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
159 HRD Network
160 HUNE International
161 Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd
162 Hycarbex American Energy INC.
163 Ideal Distribution Line
164 Independent Media Corporation
165 Independent News Pakistan
166 Indus Associated Consultants (Pvt) Ltd
167 Indus College of Arts & Design
168 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP)
169 Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP)
170 Institute of Media Sciences
171 Intelligence Bureau (Govt. of Pakistan)
172 Inter Act World Wide
173 Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR)
174 Interactive Communications (Pvt) Ltd
175 International Human Rights Observer
176 International Islamic University
177 International Labour Organization
178 Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry - ICCI
179 Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Wapda
180 Islamabad High Court
181 Islamic International Engineering College
182 Islamic International Medical College
183 IT Promotors
184 Italian Oven
185 ITB Pakistan
186 Japan Bank for International Cooperation
187 JS Bank Ltd
188 Kalsoft Karachi
189 Karachi Branch Council
190 Karachi International Container Terminal
191 Karachi Port Trust (KPT)
192 Karachi Public College
193 Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB)
194 King Edward Medical College
195 Kissan Support Services (Pvt) Ltd
196 Konnect Holder Private Ltd
197 KPT Officers Housing Society
198 L'EAU Water Company
199 Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) (Suspended Client)
200 Lahore waste Management Company (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
201 Language Literacy
202 Lasani Distributor
203 Law Justice Human Rights
204 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
205 Livestock and Dairy Development (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
206 M.M Ispahani Ltd
207 M/s Petroleum
208 Makco Group Islamabad
209 Marubeni Corporation
210 Master Business
211 Master Oil
212 Media Expasion Systems
213 Mega Group
214 Metropolitan Steel Corporation Ltd
215 Micro Innovations & Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
216 Microsoft
217 Ministry of Environment (Govt. of Pakistan)
218 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan)
219 Ministry of Health & Special Education (Govt. of Pakistan)
220 Ministry of Industries & Production (Govt. of Pakistan)
221 Ministry of Information Technology (TReMU) (Govt. of Pakistan)
222 Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Northern Areas (Govt. of Pakistan)
223 Ministry of Labour & Manpower And Overseas Pakistani (Govt. of Pakistan)
224 Ministry of Narcotics Control (Govt. of Pakistan)
225 Ministry of Parlimentary Affairs (Govt. of Pakistan)
226 Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources (Govt. of Pakistan)
227 Ministry of Population Welfare (Govt. of Pakistan)
228 Ministry of Ports & Shipping (Govt. of Pakistan)
229 Ministry of Science & Technology (Govt. of Pakistan)
230 Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education (Govt. of Pakistan)
231 Ministry of Textile Industry (Govt. of Pakistan)
232 Ministry of Women Development (Govt. of Pakistan)
233 Ministry of Zakat & Ushr (Govt. of Pakistan)
234 Mohammad Faisal Iqbal Candidate of PP-20 (Independent Candidate)
235 Multan Development Authority
236 Muniff Ziauddin & Company
237 Nai Zindagi
238 National Accountability Bureau (NAB)
239 National AIDS Control Programe (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan)
240 National College of Homeopathy
241 National Company for Cooperative Insurance
242 National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA)
243 National Developers
244 National Disaster Management Authority (Govt. of Pakistan)
245 National Fertilizer Marketing Ltd
246 National Highway & Motorway Police (Ministry of Communications - Govt. of Pakistan)
247 National Industrial Park
248 National Institute of Child Health
249 National Logistic Cell
250 National Nutrition Programme
251 National Plan of Action for Prevention & Control
252 National Police Bureau
253 National Prog for Prevention & Control of Blindness
254 National Programme for FP & PHC
255 National Programme Manager EPI/CDD Cell NIH
256 National Public Safety Commission
257 National Reconstruction Bureau
258 National T.B Control Programme
259 National Testing Services (NTS)
260 National Tuberculosis Control Programme
261 National Wheat Flour Fortification Project
262 Nausdah Chamdia
263 Naveena Group of Industries
264 Nayyer Printers
265 Nera Network
266 Net Magazine
267 Nettech (Pvt) Ltd
268 Nexus Technologies
269 Nielsen
270 Noori
271 Nortel Networks (Asia) Ltd
272 Nova Leather
273 Novozymes
274 Nust Tic
275 Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd (OGDCL)
276 Oil & Gas Regulatory Authoriy (OGRA)
277 OMV Pakistan
278 OneApple International Corporation
279 ONKAR Water Purification System
280 OPF Boys College
281 P&P (Pvt) Ltd
282 Pak Datacom Ltd
283 Pakistan Air Force (PAF)
284 Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation
285 Pakistan Broadcasting Foundation
286 Pakistan Business Forum
287 Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources
288 Pakistan Housing Authority
289 Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
290 Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
291 Pakistan Institute of Public Finance
292 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
293 Pakistan Intitute of Human Rights
294 Pakistan Language Centre
295 Pakistan Lubricants (Pvt) Ltd
296 Pakistan Medical Research Council
297 Pakistan Mobile Number Portability Ltd
298 Pakistan National AIDS Consortium
299 Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO
300 Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Ltd (PNSC)
301 Pakistan Nursing Council
302 Pakistan On Line
303 Pakistan Post Office
304 Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA)
305 Pakistan Red Crescent Society
306 Pakistan Services Ltd
307 Pakistan Software Export Board
308 Pakistan Stone Development Comapany
309 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) (Govt. of Pakistan)
310 Pakistan Television Corporation Ltd (PTV)
311 Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturer's Association
312 Pakistan Veternary Medical Council
313 Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority
314 Pathan Network
315 Pathfinder International
316 PC Training Center
317 Pegasus Institute of Business & Finance
318 Petrocin
319 PIA Training Center
320 Pink Production & Marketing
321 Pioneer Cement Ltd
322 Power Ware
323 Press Information Department (PID)
324 Prevention & Control of Hepatitis (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan)
325 Prime Minister Secretariat
326 Primetex Buying Services
327 Privatisation Commission (Govt. of Pakistan)
328 Pro Gas
329 Proctor International (Pvt) Ltd
330 Professional Employer Services
331 Provincial Highway Division Lahore
332 Prudential Discount & Guarantee House Ltd
333 PSA Gwadar International Terminals Ltd
334 PTA Environmental Society
335 Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
336 Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) - (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
337 Qasim International Container Terminal Pakistan
338 Quality Steel Works Ltd
339 R B Avari
340 Rawalpindi Housing (Pvt) Ltd
341 Real Corporation
342 REDCO Group
343 Rendezvous
344 Reproductive Health Project (Ministry of Health - Govt. of Pakistan)
345 Riphah Institute
346 Rock Wood Developer
347 RWR (Pvt) Ltd
348 SAARC Human Resources
349 Sachal Engineering Works (Pvt) Ltd
350 Sachal Satellite Communications (Pvt) Ltd
351 Sachal Softec (Pvt) Ltd
352 Saif Energy Ltd
354 Sample Customer
355 San Baby Corporation
356 Sardar Muhammad Ashraf D-Baloch (Pvt) Ltd
357 Sargodhian Spirit Trust
358 Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology
359 Saudi Pak Industrial & Agriculture Investment Co
360 Save the Children (USA)
361 Schlumberger Seaco Inc.
362 Sea Telecommunication (Pvt) Ltd
363 Shakeel Hyder Consulting Architects
364 Shalimar Recording Co Ltd
365 Shelter International
366 Shifa College of Medicine
367 Shifa College of Nursing
368 Shifa Cooperative Housing Society Ltd
369 Shifa Foundation
370 Shifa International Hospital Limited
371 Shifa Medical College
372 Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates (Pvt) Ltd
373 Sign Trade
374 Sir Syed Memorial Society
375 SME Bank Ltd
376 Southern Network Ltd
377 Special Children Education Department
378 Sports Department (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
379 Standard Capital Securities
380 Starric Office Equipment
381 State Engineering Corporation (Pvt) Ltd
382 Sun Gard
383 Super Construction Company
384 Sysmax (Pvt) Ltd
385 SZAB Institute of Science & Technology
386 Tabani Group
387 Tacmil Health Project
388 Tameer-e-Millat Foundation
389 Technology Resource Mobilization Unit (TReMU)
390 Tehseel Municipal Administration
391 Tenderness
392 The Avicenna School
393 The Institute of Information Risk Management
394 The Partners Group
395 The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
396 The Urban Institute
397 Time & Tune
398 Tri Pack Films Ltd
399 United Nation (DTCE)
400 United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
401 United Sales (Pvt) Ltd
402 University of Karachi
403 University of WAH
404 Usmani Associates
405 Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan (Private) Ltd (USC)
406 VIP Property Investors & Builders
407 WAH Engineering College
408 Water & Sanitation Agency (WASA) (DGPR - Govt. of Punjab)
409 Weatherford Oil Tools ME Ltd
410 WEB Net
411 Western Geco Int Ltd
412 Women Health Project
413 Women Institute of Science & Humanity
414 Women Political School
415 Wood Tek
416 Woolwich College London
417 World Food Programme
418 World Health Organization
419 Wyeth Laboratories Pakistan Ltd
420 X-pertex Denim Mills (Pvt) Ltd
421 Xenith PR (Pvt) Ltd
422 Young Scholars Academy
423 Zafo (Pvt) Ltd
424 Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd (Formerly ADBP)
425 Zodiac Commercial (Pvt) Ltd
Suspended Agencies
Awan Brand Communications, Brandkey Communication (Pvt.) Limited, Vibrant Communications, 4 Square Communications (Pvt) Limited, Creative Consultant (Pvt.) Limited, Media Expansion Systems (Pvt.) Limited, Add World Advertising Agency, Super Media Communications (SMC Pvt) Ltd, X2O Private Limited, MEDIAONE Communication, Evernew Concepts (Pvt) Limited, Difference (Private) Limited, Ideas Workshop (Pvt) Limited, Admax (Pvt.) Ltd., The Circle Agency, Communication Power Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, Eiman Ad Communications, Graymatter Communications, Message Communications, Communication Spot, Advertising & Information Management (Pvt) Limited (AIM), Spider 360 Media (Pvt.) Limited, Midas (Pvt) Limited - LHR, Adgroup (Pvt) Limited, Interflow Communications (Pvt) Limited, TNI Communications, Paragon International (Pvt.) Ltd, Promoters Advertising, The Circuit (Pvt) Limited, Orient Advertising (Pvt) Limited, Adreach Advertising,
Suspended Clients
Get Technologies, Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), Six B Food Industry (Pvt) Ltd, Multan Sultans (Pvt) Ltd, Daehan Dewan Motor Company (Pvt.) Limited, Master City (Pvt) Ltd, 6th Sense Marketing (Pvt.) Limited, B4U Soft (Pvt.) Limited, Aala Dawakhana, Hiba Life (Pvt.) Limited, Master Poly Plastic Industries Ltd, Master Cloth and Suiting Ltd, Digicom Trading (Pvt) Ltd, Enem Estates, EHFPRO, Al-Siddique Developers, Aim Hygienics (Pvt.) Limited, Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd , Al-Rauf Developers, Master Tiles & Ceramic Industries Ltd, U & I Garments (Pvt) Ltd, The Snack Bites Company, Berrio International (Pvt) Ltd, Telemall Corporation, Chimera (Pvt.) Ltd., Master Beverages and Foods Limited, Big Bird Foods (Pvt) Ltd, Origins, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall, Mitchell's Fruit Farms Ltd, I.S Abbac International (Pvt) Ltd, Bikiya Industries (Private) Limited, The Olympus Mall, Saad Akbar Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Ltd, Crescent Star Foods (Pvt) Ltd, Taha Developers, Master Sanitary Fittings Industries Ltd, Medtech Trading Corporation, Marwa Developers (Pvt) Limited, Dynasel (Pvt) Ltd, MAB Builders, DYL Motorcycle Ltd, Neat Foods (Private) Limited, Forvil Cosmetics , G-Tide Mobiles Pakistan, Raza Industries (Pvt) Ltd, A&I Enterprises, Premier American School, A&I Realtor (Pvt.) Limited, JW Tech (Pvt) Ltd, Gold Stone Construction (Pvt.) Ltd, Ocean Marina Gwadar, Master Ballpoint Pen Industries (Pvt) Ltd, Al Shaheer Corporation Limited [Formerly Al Shaheer Corporation (Pvt.) Limited], Emerging Innovations (Pvt.) Limited, Fast Marketing Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, Ezee Travels (Pvt.) Ltd, IVY Boutique,